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‘The Power of 5’

Sometimes a short sprint is more helpful than a marathon. For many businesses that time is now.

We live in an era of constant change – even before COVID-19 came along – and keeping up with consumer needs and external influences such as Sustainability is a full-time job in itself.

Following discussions with a wide variety of business owners, I've found that the current priority is clearly more short-term and often focused on survival rather than long term strategy. The headspace for future planning and innovation has never been more limited, but knowing that this is still a vital part of your drive for growth, I’ve developed my 5-Day Programmes.  

These are structured 5-day projects intended to help unlock your brand’s potential by bridging the gap between the creative and the strategic…. while you focus on the day-to-day management of your business.

‘The Power of 5’ approach is affordable with a fixed fee of £5000, and each sprint is tailored specifically to your brand and your business needs.


How do they work?

Using an approach based on short sprints to deliver results quickly, the programmes are designed to help your business move ahead and take advantage of faster innovation development and better market knowledge.

For each sprint, the 5 days are focused entirely on your brand, using a vast array of consumer and market data, competitor information, and societal trends to provide a ‘fresh eyes’ perspective on your brand, create innovative concepts, and bring you answers that will help you move faster.

After just 5 days you’ll have a brand specific report that includes actionable insights, data-backed concepts, responses to questions asked, and, for the JumpStart and Booster programmes, up to 5 ‘research-ready’ propositions or product concepts.

I know that seems fast but that’s just the way I’m able to work!

Who is this for?    

  • Brand owners who need fast ideas and rapid answers.

  • Brands with teams already at full stretch without the time to spend on strategic creativity.

  • SMEs with a turnover of between £5-50 million.
    (If you are smaller than this, please call me to chat through your options. I might still be able to help!)

The programmes are open to UK-based FMCG brands.

In a Meeting

These 5-Day Programmes are ideal for:

Find out which one is best for you.

Your commitment

Given the intensive nature of this programme I can only deal with decision makers to avoid losing time. If you are not the business or brand owner, please get their permission before calling me. 

  1. Day 1 is critical to success and I will ask you to provide detailed information on which I can base the strategic and creative development. To help you with this I will send a list of the items required in advance of a call. You should allow at least 2 hours for this call.

  2. If there are any other individuals in your business that you feel could provide useful insights or information, please ask them to make themselves available to me as required.

  3. If you want me to sign an NDA before starting the programme I am happy to do so, but please send it in advance of our call.

What's next?

Please get in touch or simply click here to schedule a chat. 


We will have a 30 minute chat about your needs and current situation, after which we can decide if this is the right route for you. If we go ahead I will schedule a start date and give you the list of information required for Day 1.

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