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About Me

I’ve a real passion to help businesses come up with interesting products that tell their brand stories and actually add excitement to the huge array of really quite boring stuff that is churned out by companies every year.  

With patents and design registrations in 8 countries and numerous awards for products I’ve launched, I know I can help you too.

There are two words that I’ve found tend to scare people - ‘Innovation’ and ‘Strategy’ - and I want to help change that by showing you how to use them together to grow your business. Whilst you do need some structure to the thinking so much of it is common sense, and you are the expert in your brand.

I choose to use language that anyone can understand, keeping away from jargon, asking incisive questions, and co-creating solutions with the brand owners.

If that sounds someone you'd enjoy working with why not have a look at what others have said about me.

Royal Mint.jpg

Executive Director

The Royal Mint

“Helen brought a very strategic and brand aligned product approach that has delivered real innovation into our business” 

Now you’ve seen what I can do, let’s have a chat. 

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