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The 5-Day


Turbo-charge your innovation in just 5 days with this brand-specific, intensive programme

How would you like to have up to 5 brand new consumer propositions specifically developed for your business in 5 days?

In response to numerous requests from brand owners who, just like you, are desperate to innovate their way forward, but need faster reassurance of the potential for success, I have created this high impact, high speed innovation accelerator programme.

This unique approach dramatically condenses the up-front innovation process without compromising quality of output, and by avoiding the wrong initiatives that simply won’t move your business forward, you'll save not only time, but money too.

My expertise is in gap filling and spotting opportunities that others miss. 

Working with your input as the brand owner, in 5 days I will provide you with brand-specific innovation that could jumpstart your business.   

I will highlight new opportunities that you might not have noticed, and make sure that they are focused on delivering longer term growth. 


There are no guarantees in life, and this programme is no different. However, it will give you a faster ‘read’ on the potential areas for success that could get you ahead of your competitors.


What will it deliver?

At the end of the 5 days you will have a bespoke 'Brand Opportunity' presentation that provides:

  • Up to 5 ‘research-ready’ propositions that relate specifically to your brand

  • An overview of latest consumer and market trends relevant to your sector

  • A review of the impact of competitors and ‘alternatives’ in your current and potential markets

  • An assessment of how you can build Sustainability principles into your concepts

Who is this for?    

This is for brand owners who need high impact innovation to be fast-tracked.


Ideal for businesses wanting to quickly test opportunities to rebuild or pivot their brand and meet changing consumer needs and wants. 

The programme is open to UK-based FMCG brands, with a turnover of between £5-50 million, 

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Your commitment

Given the intensive nature of this programme I can only deal with decision makers to avoid losing time. If you are not the business or brand owner, please get their permission before calling me. 

  1. Day 1 is critical to success and I will ask you to provide detailed information on which I can base the strategic and creative development. To help you with this I will send a list of the items required in advance of a call. You should allow at least 2 hours for this call.

  2. If there are any other individuals in your business that you feel could provide useful insights or information, please ask them to make themselves available to me as required.

  3. If you want me to sign an NDA before starting the programme I am happy to do so, but please send it in advance of our call.

What's next?

Please get in touch or simply click here to schedule a chat. 


We will have a 30 minute chat about your needs and current situation, after which we can decide if this is the right route for you. If we go ahead I will schedule a start date and give you the list of information required for Day 1.

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