Decisions are an inevitable part of being an entrepreneur and being able to make good decisions – on time and to a high quality – is a skill that everyone needs to have.


There’s no complex secret to how to achieve this. Just nine simple steps will help you have greater confidence not only in the decisions you make but also the way that you arrive at them.


This Guide includes:


  • A written PDF manual
  • A narrated video tutorial
  • Free weekly access to ‘Drop in’ webinar with Helen Cooper


The 14 page training guide explains why good decision making matters to your team as well as your business, how stress can impact your decision-making ability, and takes you through each of the nine steps highlighting what will happen in each one and the questions you should be asking at that point.


A narrated tutorial video takes you through the key points of the Guide, offering some more explanation or examples, so you can revisit it at any time if you need to check on information that you are reading


A weekly ‘Drop In’ webinar is included with the purchase of the Guide

Decoding: Business – Better Decision making