Following on from the market research and understanding of the consumer adoption profile covered in part 1 of the ‘Marketing for non-marketers’ guide, this Guide looks in more detail at your target consumer, and how to reach them with your marketing communications.


Digital marketing is essential today in reaching and engaging with your audience, but it is getting harder to cut through the huge increase in paid for advertising which has almost negated the organic reach once enjoyed by brands. That’s putting even more pressure on content but making sure that you are using the right type of content with the appropriate message needs a better understanding of the customer’s decision-making process too.


This Guide takes you through the way that you can bring your customer to life in your business, even for non-customer facing teams, how to develop an effective Go-To market plan, and provides some insight into the different content that you could consider when hoping to reach your target consumer.


This Guide includes:


  • A written PDF manual
  • A narrated video tutorial
  • Free weekly access to ‘Drop in’ webinar with Helen Cooper


The 26 page training guide explains how brands are created and the different elements that have to work together to bring consistency and value to the consumer. The additional 12 page workbook includes useful templates to help you communicate your launch internally and externally, and techniques to develop marketing that targets your customers more effectively.


A narrated tutorial video takes you through the key points of the Guide, offering some more explanation or examples, so you can revisit it at any time if you need to check on information that you are reading


A weekly ‘Drop In’ webinar is included with the purchase of the Guide


If you want to learn more about branding, you will find the Guide ‘Creating a Brand’ in this Decoding: Business ‘Get Going • Keep Going’ series.