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This guide has been designed to help you identify, create and manage an appropriate structure for your business, and to recognise the areas where you will need to expand capacity in the future.


Recruiting a strong team is essential in attracting investors, so always look for the best possible individuals with the right skills not only for now but in two years’ time. Try not to compromise and look for ways to minimise your overheads through freelancers initially. They might even become your employees in future!


This Guide takes you through the different types of organisation structure, how they are developed using your Value Proposition as a basis, and how to write job descriptions that are clear in their roles and responsibilities. You will also learn about different interview techniques and asking the right questions, as well as tips on how to develop SMART objectives for your team.


This Guide includes:


  • A written PDF manual
  • A narrated video tutorial

The 17 page training guide explains structures, and techniques for recruiting the right people. The additional 6 page workbook includes useful templates to help you develop goals and write great job descriptions.


A narrated tutorial video takes you through the key points of the Guide, offering some more explanation or examples, so you can revisit it at any time if you need to check on information that you are reading.



Decoding: Business – Organisation Structure and Recruiting


    Developing an organisation to support your Value Proposition
    Creating an agile and scalable structure
    How to recruit well 
    Different interview formats and profiling
    Writing great job descriptions
    Developing SMART objectives
    Easy to follow, quick to apply your learning

    The Guide and workbook pack are delivered in a downloaded PDF format.
    The Tutorial narrated video presentation is also downloadable or available to view on screen

    In order to take this course you will need: 


    A Current email account
    Access to a computer and the internet 
    Access to PDF Reader software on your PC 
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