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Even if you have already started your business, it can useful to know a bit more about the characteristics needed from you or your team in driving for growth. Understanding your Purpose, if you haven’t already defined that, will help you be much clearer when making decisions in future.


There are some proven patterns in how businesses can develop and being aware of those will help you prepare in advance to take advantage of the situation, or to mitigate any potential risks.


This Guide takes you through the some of the essential characteristics of an entrepreneur and shows you some more agile ways of working.


This Guide includes:


  • A written PDF manual and workbook
  • A narrated video tutorial


The 23 page training guide explains the characteristics required, and how to recognise when they are out of balance in your business. The 9 page Workbook pack that is included helps you assess yourself and your team against the key skills and traits that are needed.


A narrated tutorial video takes you through the key points of the Guide, offering some more explanation or examples, so you can revisit it at any time if you need to check on information that you are reading.



If you want some help in Marketing, especially if it isn’t an area that you have had much contact with before, take a look at the two ‘Marketing for non-marketers’ Guides that are part of this Decoding: Business ‘Get Going • Keep Going’ series.


Decoding: Business – Entrepreneur Essentials


    Developing your 'Why’
    The 10 key characteristics of an entrepreneur
    7 elements of a business
    The Lean and MVP approach in new ventures

    The 'J' curve of growth

    Easy to follow, quick to apply in future situations



    The Guide and workbook pack are delivered in a downloaded PDF format.
    The Tutorial narrated video presentation is also downloadable or available to view on screen



    In order to take this course you will need: 


    A Current email account
    Access to a computer and the internet 
    Access to PDF Reader software on your PC 


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