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Understanding your market is clearly essential when starting a new venture, and knowing what sort of market research to carry out and why will help you select the most appropriate methodology for your needs.


The danger in conducting your own research is that you unconsciously can bias your respondents answers through the questions you ask which can result in failed launched. You will learn how to avoid that and to ask the right questions in future.


Not all consumers will want to buy your new product and service at the same time; some take longer than others. Understanding this can help you present the opportunity to the different groups using language and approaches that they are most likely to respond to. That means less frustration and wasted investment for you.


This Guide takes you through the critical steps that you need to know about market research and data, and how to anticipate the different consumer groups and when they might be ready to buy from you.


This Guide includes:


  • A written PDF manual
  • A narrated video tutorial


The 22 page training guide explains how brands are created and the different elements that have to work together to bring consistency and value to the consumer. The additional 8 page workbook includes useful templates to help you select the right research, and target your customers more effectively.


A narrated tutorial video takes you through the key points of the Guide, offering some more explanation or examples, so you can revisit it at any time if you need to check on information that you are reading.


If you want to learn more about Marketing, you will find the second part of ‘Marketing for non-marketers’ in this Decoding: Business ‘Get Going • Keep Going’ series.

Decoding: Business – Marketing for Non-marketers Part 1


    Learn about the different types of Market research
    Understand the difference between Primary and Secondary data 
    Avoiding The Mom Test in your research
    The Innovation Adoption curve
    The 5 Adopter consumer profiles and how they impact your potential
    Easy to follow, quick to apply your learning



    The Guide and workbook pack are delivered in a downloaded PDF format.
    The Tutorial narrated video presentation is also downloadable or available to view on screen



    In order to take this course you will need: 


    A Current email account
    Access to a computer and the internet 
    Access to PDF Reader software on your PC 
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