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Negotiations are both an art form and a science, and require a lot of emotional stability and respect if they are to be successful. The image from the movies of someone belligerently shouting at their opponent to wear them down so that they give in should not be taken seriously. That is not real life. In real life that would just end the negotiations there and then.


For people who are less experienced in negotiations, the process can seem intimidating. However the secret to success is to plan methodically and in detail, and follow the five step sequence that every negotiation has. When you and your team are clear about your objectives and what you are prepared to give away, you will also know when to walk away.


This Guide will take you through each of the five steps, highlighting what will happen at each stage, and what to look out for. You will learn about the ZOPA, the role of the BATNA and how to decide what your LAA is. Conducting a negotiation isn’t difficult. You just need to know how to dance the various steps at the right time.


This Guide is in a PDF format and will be sent to you once payment is received.


The 34 page training guide explains the different stages and how to prepare and conduct a negotiation that is most likely to result in a good outcome for both parties. The additional 5 page workbook includes useful templates to help you develop your Negotiation framework and provides a checklist of questions and information that you need to have before you even sit down with your opponents.


A narrated tutorial video is available on request and will take you through the key points of the Guide, offering some more explanation or examples, so you can revisit it at any time if you need to check on information that you are reading



If you want to learn more about negotiating, you will find a separate guide on ‘Cross-cultural Negotiations’ in the Decoding: Business ‘Get Going • Keep Going’ series.

Decoding: Business – Negotiation Skills


    The 3 critical elements of a negotiation
    The five stage process
    Selecting the right negotiation strategy
    Creating your Negotiation Framework
    The use of great questions to give you an advantage
    The Crunch and Nibble
    Easy to follow, quick to apply your learning



    The Guide and workbook pack are delivered in a downloaded PDF format.
    The Tutorial narrated video presentation is also downloadable or available to view on screen



    In order to take this course you will need: 


    A Current email account
    Access to a computer and the internet 
    Access to PDF Reader software on your PC 


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