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New High Speed innovation programme launched

Working with UK businesses to turbo-charge their sales. The '5-Day JumpStart' innovation accelerator is here to help.

As a product strategy and innovation specialist with over 35 years’ experience in various FMCG businesses and sectors, I have designed this unique innovation acceleration programme to help brand owners jumpstart their new product development and see better results faster.

In just 5 days, businesses will receive up to 5 ‘research-ready’ consumer-centric propositions specifically identified to maximise their brand positioning, reflect the latest global consumer trends, and incorporate sustainable choices where possible.

With award-winning products and patents in 8 markets, I have delivered strong and sustained brand growth through a combination of strategic thinking and creative product development, and can help you do the same too.

Why this need for speed?

UK SME business owners starting to emerge from the lockdown are really concerned about getting through the next 3-6 months, post-COVID-19. With many businesses having to furlough or lay off staff to keep going over the last 10 weeks, the ongoing mantra that ‘we have to innovate our way out of this’ has left many feeling excluded from the higher value possibilities for growth. Without the time or in-house skills they felt doubly penalised, making it seem impossible to achieve meaningful innovation that could support their ‘drive to survive’ and really help them hit the ground running.

It's time to get 'Stractical'

Whilst the ‘5 Day JumpStart’ is not intended to replace the more thorough and detailed product strategy development that feeds into the wider business planning process, it is a fast and tactical response to the current difficult situation facing many businesses.

By helping UK SMEs in the FMCG market go beyond generic ‘me too’ products that are often invisible and have lower financial returns, the '5 Day JumpStart' aims to create new initiatives that really stand out in the market, that can quickly deliver products that the consumer wants NOW, whilst also achieving longer term returns, and really make the most of their brand’s knowledge, assets and skills.

That's why I call it ‘Stractical’!

At the end of the 5 days business owners will have up to 5 propositions that offer strong and relevant directions for growth, each of which can be quickly confirmed through my online research partners, either using your existing customer database or a new consumer group depending on what is required.

Save time and money

The conventional innovation process can take months and be expensive, and there’s always a risk that at the end of it the research findings aren’t that convincing, and your time and money will have been wasted.

By using the ‘5 Day JumpStart’ programme you not only get ‘fresh eyes’ on your brand’s potential new opportunities, but you can have found out which of the propositions presented have the strength to take your business forward within 15 days of starting the programme.

The usual fee for the programme is £5000 + VAT (excluding research costs).

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER: the first 10 businesses to sign up for the '5 Day JumpStart' will receive £2500 towards my fees if you continue the product development with me post-research.

Find out more at

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